Experience makes all the difference

Booking the Authors

liliget_authors_MG_14761. Lecture on Healthy Eating to Prevent Chronic Disease. Author of “beHealthy Cookbook” Annie Watts
2. Lecture on Aboriginal Cuisine and Culinary Business. Co-Author of “Where People Feast, An Indigenous People’s Cookbook” Dolly (Watts) McRae and Annie Watts

The author needs 3 months advance notice. The author will bring books to sell and autograph. For every 30 attendees – one cookbook will be given as a door prize. Please confirm all arrangements by emailing ALWPublishing@shaw.ca with the following details:

– name of the sponsoring organization
– name of the contact person
– theme of the event
– location of the event
– driving directions
– where to park
– date
– time
– length of the presentation
– anticipated size of the audience

Contact the author a day in advance of the event as a reminder and to confirm event details and the equipment for the lecture. If possible, give her a mobile number to call if she runs into problems en route. Make sure someone at your end is organized to greet the author and escort her to the correct room and show her where the toilet is. You should also provide coffee and make sure water is available while the author is speaking.

Author fees:

Speaking engagement:

25 minute lecture with 5 minutes question and answer session after lecture. The author will need a projector to plug into her laptop and a projection screen or white wall.
Cost: $225 per author; plus travel in Port Alberni $20, on Vancouver Island other than Port Alberni $60, to Vancouver $160 If distance or the timing of your event means the author needs to stay overnight, you will need to organize accommodation and meals. Travel costs will be arranged by the sponsoring organization.

Cookbook signing by the Co-Authors of “Where People Feast, An Indigenous People’s Cookbook” Dolly (Watts) McRae and Annie Watts, the Author of “beHealthy Cookbook”Authors will consider to do a cookbook signing if the event is expected to be well attended. The authors will need a table and 2 chairs. Cost: Free For more information, please contact by emailing ALWPublishing@shaw.ca

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